About us

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|Introduction about Social Welfare Foundation of Wisdom

Dementia is also known as ‘the disease of the century.’ Many families are suffering from the caring for PWD.
Being discriminated or even rejected by the community, PWD couldn’t live freely due to public’s lack of correct knowledge about dementia. Not only dementia is a medical and care issue, but also the one of whole society.
Aiming for this, in October 2013, a group of professionals in dementia care and Christian pastors gathered together and launched the “Wisdom Ministry Service.”
As the “Wisdom Ministry Service” entered its seventh year in 2019, deeply convinced of the rapidly increasing needs of families with dementia, we established “Social Welfare Foundation of Wisdom” in order to integrate dementia-related resources to give essential support.


Our mission

To help PWD and their families, giving them hope in their hard time and enhance their life quality and possessing dignity.


|How to donate

【Donate Online】

Visit https://bit.ly/864_donate


【Wire Transfer information】

Account Name: Social Welfare Foundation of Wisdom
Bank: CTBC Bank
Bank code: 822 Account number: 218540153542
※If you need a receipt, please dial 02-2545-9079 to inform us of the last 5 digits of the donator’s account number and information.
※Donators without a CTBC Bank account will be charged a NT$30 handling fee.


【Postal Remittance】

Account Name: Social Welfare Foundation of Wisdom

Account number: 50434631

※Please print clearly the remitter’s name, mailing address, and phone number.


【Credit Card One-time / Recurring Donations (Paper Authorization)】

※Donators can call to ask for the Credit Card Donation Authorization Form, or download the form from our website, send the completed form via fax to 
(02)2545-9073, and call (02)2545-9079 to confirm.



 Promoting Dementia-Friendly-Community

◆ Dementia Seminar: Providing a comprehensive understanding of dementia to the public.

◆ Family Training Course: Exclusively designed for caregivers. The courses include knowledge and information, social resources, psychological adaptation and communication skills with PWD.

◆ Dementia-Friendly-Community Conference: Promoting community awareness and friendly environment for PWD.
◆ Training Course for Volunteers: Exclusively designed for caregivers, courses including tips/skills of care, interaction, sympathy, etc.

◆ (Online) Ten-Lessons Seminar: 10 monthly courses for family members and caregivers of people with dementia.


|Stream of Grace Café

 Family Support Group: Enabling families with dementia to learn from each other, to respite and to reduce stress through seminars and workshops.

◆ Activities for PWD -- the Vineyard: PWD engage in activities to slow decline in cognition via various activities.

◆ Action Café: A drop-in program to visit families with dementia who are unable to attend activities.

◆ The Ukulele Band of Foundation of Wisdom: to relax and comfort others through music by a group of volunteers, family members and people.



◆ The Book Series: A series of books on awareness, care taking, spirituality enhancement and tools for the readers to adapt in providing courses, services and activities.

◆ Autumn Rain Periodicals: A biannual publication that provides regular news, information and knowledge about dementia and the Foundation.

◆ E-newsletter: A monthly publication covering information, events and promotions for interested subscribers.


|Call for Volunteers

We invite those who are committed to help people with dementia and their families, and those who are up for new challenges in our volunteer task to accompany people with dementia and their families in this long journey and become their sunshine.

Volunteer Webpage: https://bit.ly/864_volunteers